21st Century Uncle Sam’s Guide to Survival and Disasters

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21st Century Uncle Sam’s Guide to Survival and Disasters: Military Survival Manuals, Authoritative Government Documents and Guides for Every Emergency and Disaster
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Newly revised and greatly expanded, this comprehensive up-to-date electronic book on CD-ROM presents an enormous library of 113 vital military manuals and federal guides on survival and disaster preparedness. In addition to the prominent U.S. Army manuals on survival, including FM 21-76 and the multi-service manual on Survival, Evasion, and Recovery, there are many valuable handbooks and publications from over a dozen federal agencies and departments, totaling over 30,000 pages!

Disasters and situations covered by this material includes: Physical injury, physical fitness, diseases, pandemics, avian influenza, bird flu, NBC threats – nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, blast and conventional weapons, weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weapons, terrorism, weather (extreme heat and drought, floods, lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, cold and snow), fires (residential, farm, wildland), laser injuries, EMS services, dermatology and skin conditions, psychological impacts of disasters, stress, coping, earthquakes, radiation, radioactive material, dirty bombs, impacts on animals, pets, livestock, farms, hazardous materials and industrial chemicals, rail emergencies, physical security, building security, sources of emergency food and water, power failures, home stabilization and clean-up, home recovery and repairs.

Some of the document titles included in the collection: Aeromedical * Agriculture Basic First Aid * Army Survival * Camouflage * CDC NIOSH Emergency * CDC Radiation * Chemical Accident Contamination Control * Chemical and Biological Agents * Avoidance * CIA NBC Guide * Civil Disturbances * Cold Weather * Combat Health Logistics * Commanders Tactical NBC Handbook * Dermatology * Desert Operations * DHS Dirty Bomb * Disaster Handbook * Disaster Preparedness Citizens Guide FEMA (also in Spanish) * DOD Manual for Civil Emergencies * DOJ Emergency Guide * Emergency Preparedness Checklist * Emergency Response Self Study Guide * EMS Core Content * Energy Dept Radiation Emergency * EPA Radiation Emergency Response Plan * Family Disaster Plan * Family Supply Kit * Fed Radiation Emergency * FEMA Are You Ready * FEMA Emergency Checklist * FEMA Emergency Preparedness * Radiological Emergency * Citizen Guide to Assistance * Animals in Disaster Module * Disaster Exercises * Disaster Basics * Radiological Emergency * Hazardous Materials Medical * Mitigation for Homeowners * Terrorism and Emergency Management * Field Behavior of NBC Agents * Field Manual Biological Agent Casualties * Field Management Chemical Casualties * First Aid * Flame Riot Control * Florida Disaster Preparedness * Avian and Bird Flu Pandemic Checklists * FRMAC Operations Manual * Health Service Support NBC * Health Support NBC * Laser Injuries * Legal Guide For Soldiers * Med Management Biological Casualties * Med Management Instructor Guide * Med Management Radiation Casualties * Medical Aspects Of Chemical And Biological Warfare * Medical Consequences Of Nuclear Warfare * Medical Evacuation * Medical Management Biological Casualties * Medical Management Blast Injuries * Medical Support Nuclear Chemical Army Regulation * Military Dermatology * Mortuary Affairs * Mountain Operations * Multiservice Survival * National Response Pan * NBC Battlebook * NBC Consequence Management Multiservice * NBC Decontamination * NBC Defense Operations Multiservice * NBC Field Handbook * NBC Protection * NBC Protection Multiservice * NBC Reconnaissance * NBC Vulnerability Analysis * NHTSA EMS Books * NIOSH Pocket Guide Chemical Hazards 2005 * Nuclear Contamination Avoidance * Pandemic Flu Plan * Physical Fitness * Physical Security * Pocket Cards NBC * Preventive Medicine * Radiation Emergency Health Safety * Radiation Terrorism Pocket Card * Rail Emergencies * Homeland Security "Ready" Preparedness * Risk Management * Skin Diseases in the Tropics * Surgeons Handbook * Survivability * Terrorism Survival * Triage Of Irradiated Personnel * VA Mental Health P

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