Sun Fires “Solar Tsunami” At Earth.

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Earth is in line to be hit with a "solar tsunami", as it's being called by scientists.

The suns surface erupted early Sunday morning, August 2, and ejected tons of plasma. The tsunami-like shock wave, formally called a Moreton wave, rolled across the hot surface, destroying two visible filaments of cool gas on opposite sides of the visible face of the Sun.

This massive solar flare will hit the Earth sometime on August 3rd and August 4th. The solar flare is expected to create geomagnetic storms that will result in spectacular light displays at the Northern latitudes, threaten satellites, cause intermittent cellular phone service disruptions and possible localized power outages.

"This eruption is directed right at us and is expected to get here early in the day on Aug. 4," said Leon Golub of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. "It's the first major Earth-directed eruption in quite some time."

Forecasters say there is a 40 percent chance of more major flares through this weekend. Skywatchers in Alaska, Canada and the very northernmost United States should be on the lookout for colorful Northern Lights generated by the space storminess.