Whitehouse Prepares Strategy Report For Potential Catastrophic Solar Storm


The Whitehouse is finally taking the potential threat of a catastrophic solar storm seriously.They have developed a blueprint to create benchmarks as well as monitoring, detection, response and recovery from a catastrophic solar storm that could potentially take down the power grid for extended lengths of time.

As reported by the Washington Post:

The White House, realizing that an extreme solar storm could jeopardize the nation’s vitality and security, released a strategy and multi-agency plan on Thursday to prepare for and coordinate responses to the space weather threat.

“The plan was motivated by a recognition that we need a cohesive national network to build resilience [to space weather] and to determine what we need to know,” said Bill Murtagh, assistant director for space weather at White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).  “This is a real and present danger, this is a real threat.”

The plan’s development, co-chaired by NOAA, the Department of Homeland Security and OSTP, was the work of members from seven Cabinet-level departments as well as 13 agencies and service branches.

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There's a link in the article to a 44 page PDF the Whitehouse released. The PDF isn't really a strategy for dealing with the aftermath, it's more of a action plan blueprint to establish benchmarks and guide research and development of a strategy for the monitoring, response and recovery from the aftermath.

View and download the National Space Weather Action Plan (44 page PDF)