Survivalist Magazine Issue #7 – Survival Energy

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The newest Survivalist magazine is now available at Barnes & Noble. It has some interesting articles:

From In this issue we focus on survival energy and alternative power. Including: How to Build Your own Generator, How to Build a Homemade Battery, Small Scale & Portable Solar Power, Why You Need a Steam, Engine, Vegetable Oil as a Fuel Source, Alternative Cooking Methods, Comfree Herbs, How to Build a Solar Still, Alternative Heating, Obtaining Fuel Wood Cheaply, Going Underground, How to Build a Wind Turbine, SOG “PowerLock” Multi-Tool, The Secrets of Easy Organic Gardening, Collapse Medicine: Lice & Ticks, Silver vs Antibacterial Resistant Bacteria, The Best Laid Plans, Adaptive Survival, Water- water Everywhere but not a drop to drink, Waterwise Review, Product Spotlight and More!

Emergency Survival Gear disclaimer: There are many useful articles, hints and tips in this magazine, but be warned that some of the writers are firm believers in the End Of The World, and some of the articles tend to be a bit over-the-top and extreme. Don't be put off by the more extreme articles and opinions (such as the article about Martial Law in the US), look for the useful articles that are a bit more realistic.

This is available at Barnes & Noble, as well as a digital edition, available via Amazon. See link below. The digital edition has the actual articles, but doesn't have the advertising that invades the paper edition.

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